Kiruhiko Hirasaka
Hirasaka Kiruhiko
Kanji: 比良坂 切比古
Romaji: Hirasaka Kiruhiko
Status: Alive
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Shikigami: Toga no Mikoto
Birthday: June 17
Affiliations: Shikigami Association(former)
Manga Debut: Chapter 19
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Kiruhiko Hirasaka (比良坂 切比古, Hirasaka Kiruhiko) is a member of the Shikigami Association. His partner and friend is Ruka Inuboshi


He has horizontal scars on his forehead.


Like his friend and partner Ruka, he treats others as trash and has much joy in seeing their misery. He however has a personal hatred for Kaito Sumeragi because he is responsible for making Ruka lose his right eye during their personal fight four years ago because of his jealousy.


Early life Edit

When he was a high school student Kiruhiko was bullied by others and his friend Ruka who was also a high school student protected him.

Power & AbilitiesEdit


His favorite food is Vegetable Kakiage


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