Madness Harmonoraid
Madness Harmonoraid
Kanji: 凶女の純正律 (マッドネス・ハーモノレイド)
Romaji: Maddonesu Hāmonoreido
Gender: Female
Manga Debut: Chapter 34
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Madness Harmonoraid (凶女の純正律 (マッドネス・ハーモノレイド), Maddonesu Hāmonoreido) is Tsukasa Konoe's shikigami


Her eyes are blindfolded and she is placed on a giant tuning fork.


Power & AbilitiesEdit

Her ability is high pitch screaming which can destroy objects around her especially when it's used to defeat the attackers .However there is a cost when using this shikigami it will cause the user to weaken and almost lead to their demise.



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